Pokemon Go….home!

Pokemon Go….home!

On wednesday afternoon, I got the news from the doctors: I was ready to go home the next day:Yes! Although nothing really clear was discovered regarding the “inflammation of the digestive track”, they assumed that I was able to handle it!

So here I am, back home and very very happy!

I hope it will be the last visit I will pay to the hospital….this time, 10 days!

Enjoy life!

Return of the Jedi….toward the hospital :-(

About 14 days ago, while being at home, I started to have diarrheas and vomiting. After going to the day hospital every day, the doctors decided to hospitalize me for a couple of days.

After performing intensive exams, they concluded that it was not (G-v-H) (afight between the graft and me) but rather some kind of “virus” infecting the digestive track. They put me on diete, which did not change much as I did not eat much already!

Things are improving slowly. I might be able to go back home within this week…

On the bright side, the graft is working just fine!!!!

It took me some time to convince myself that I should speak not only of the positive points but somehow, of the drawbacks…Anyway, things are really behaving in a very positive way for me, and we are happy with that :-)!