Dynamic phototherapy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photodynamic_therapy

Dynamic phototherapy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photodynamic_therapy

Hello everybody!

Two weeks ago I had an appointment with my dermatologist at Tenon hospitaL She first checked the left scar, after she removed a previous carcinoma at the back of the head: it was perfect! Then she gave me the reults of the biopsy she did on a suspected “thing” on the left temple: of course it was a new carcinoma, no surprise! After weighing out the options to remove it, dynamic phototherapy or direct surgery, she opted for the phototherapy. Her main concern, if the surgery was performed, was that it could be difficult to close the wound as there is little extra skin to pull there…

Since the results using phototherapy have not been great before (the carcinoma disappeared but made a come back a few months later), she decided that we should try to have two runs of phototherapy instead of one. So, I had the first run last monday and will have the second one on thursday (fingers crossed but I have little hope).

In between the two appointments, our government declared first a curfew, then yesterday a lockdown. In the Tenon hospital, the services have been moved to give room to the covid-related patients…chaotic… Just hoping that the people working in hospitals will go through those difficults time with as little as little possible losts.

At the end of next january, I will meet the dermatologist to see if the phototherapy was effective or not… If not, back to surgery!

My main concern is that if they keep removing skin everywhere on the face and head, I might end up being transformed as for famous cases seen in the show business…

Of course, after my appointment at Tenon, I payed a visit to the chapel, where my good friend Saint Antoine was waiting for me ;-)!

Up to now, Saint Antoine has done a great job to protect me…well of course if I am OK it is more because of the great team at Saint Antoine hospital , and in particular my kind graft doctor :-)!

During those difficult times, where our little friend the virus is flying around, I just have a hope: to meet you all again in a few months, family members, doctors at Saint Antoine and Tenon, friends from all over the world (i will not meet my stem cells donor but she is always with me ;-)!). I love you all!