A new round of vaccines!

A new round of vaccines!

This fall, I will need to complete my protection by having the second round of vaccines I could not have last year because of my limited immune system.

Before leaving for China, I had  the first shot of the vaccine against measles + rubella + mumps. The second was scheduled in four weeks, but my family doctor told me that I had better have the flue shot before; so last monday I had it.

In 3 weeks, I will have the second shot for the vaccine M + R + M.

Yesterday, november 21st, I had the second shot for the M-R-M vaccin… In a month or so, I will have the first injection for the last vaccin: in two months, I will be protected in full as a new-born :-)!

During my last apointment with my kind graft doctor, she told me that I would need to have a blood analysis by the end of november (two months after the one I had in september). It is just to see if everything stays “normal”…

As I said before I don’t like too much the fall season: it is depressing…

On a brighter side, it is the 3rd fall  I am living since my second birth :-)!

I love you all!










A few photos taken this morning in the garden of Luxembourg, on my way to the lab at Curie….