Christmas 2021

Christmas 2021

It is already the end of the year. For almost two years now, we have been living with covid 19, and we don’t see the end of the pandemic yet…

With a part of our family not being able to join us for Christmas again this year, it will not be “a real Christmas” for me.

Anyway, to keep the traditions alive, we made a small Christmas tree, decorated in part with two pieces of my own production: a Santa Claus and a star made of stained glass, Tiffany style!

At this time of the year, it is also the tradition for me to prepare cookies and cakes. I tried new cookies such as this one, made for chocolate lovers (50% chocolate!), plus “cinnamon stars” and “brioche” ..

It is also time to sing old songs, like the one our father used to sing us when we were childs…

Merry Christmas to people at Saint Antoine Hospital Hematology dept with a special thought to my fantastic graft doctor, to my family and friends from all over the World!

With love!

From the time when I was young…

A little bit of everything…

A little bit of everything…

Greetings from Bures-France! I have been silent. for some time, but it is mainly because I have been lazy :-)!

Early in November, we visited our daugther and her family in Toronto. We joined just at the right time: our grand son, who is attending a daycare, brought home the flu (or a cold), and gave it to everybody ! We spent 3 weeks with running noze, some fever (at the begining), headache, cough . Before going back home, we took a PCR test to be safe. Anyway, we enjoyed being with our canadian branch of the family!

In November, the 26th conference on climat took place in Scotland. The “global warming” issue remembered me of a song from Bourvil , a french actor and singer. The song starts like that: un oranger sur le sol irlandais, on ne le verra jamais (an orange tree on Irish soil, we’ll never see it)! Maybe he was wrong :-)! Just wait for a few more years!

This fall was also the time for me to start again my “artistic work”, stained glass and modeling… Here are some of my project.

This November was also “special” for me as I turned 70 :-(! I am old…) Forty years ago, I defended my PhD… hatrd to believe! Time is flying!

My last project on stained glass is “a photophore”. I started to build it a few weeks ago. The first class lasted for 7 hours! And I was able to survive it! Thank you people from Hematology at St Antoine hospital and in particular my great graft doctor! Together with my donor and my family and friends, you saved my life! I am a surviving chimera :-)!