Saint Paul de Vence

Saint Paul de Vence

During our stay in Vence, we hiked to Saint Paul de Vence, which is a few km away. I was able to do it thanks to the team at St Antoine hospital and my fantastic graft doctor! Every day, I am thinking of them, and my family and friends, without forgeting my stem cells donor… I love them all ;-)!

Saint Paul is such a beautiful place, and sunny too!

Here are some photos…

Bis repetita: a visit to “The South” in search of the sun

Bis repetita: a visit to “The South” in search of the sun

A few weeks ago, we decided to go south to look for some sun, which is saddly missing in the Paris area… We first stopped at Aix en Provence, a city we never visited before. A charming city… with some rain the day we spent there :-)!

We visited the cathedrale and churches… looking for St Antoine’s statues ;-)!

Most of the museums were closed because of “the red alert” (heavy rain!)… We managed to visit an “hôtel particulier” with an exhibit of painting from Zao Wou-Ki…

We then headed for Vence, a small village in Provence: the sun was there! There is so much to be seen around, from Saint Paul de Vence to Antibes, to Cagnes sur mer, Tourrettes sur Loup… We did several hikes, which were very plesant under the sun!

On the way back home, we stopped in “le Beaujolais” to visit les villages des pierres dorées…

We are now almost at the end of October… Fall is really there, with its short days, not too good for the spirit :-(!

But in two weeks, we will head to Toronto to visit our daughter and her family :-)!

If I can enjoy life, it is because of the fantastic team at Saint Antoine hospital, and in particular my great graft doctor, my donor, my wonderful family, and my friends: I love you all! Thinking of you everyday…