June 24th 2016- June 24th 2019

June 24th 2016- June 24th 2019

Today, June 24th 2019 is a very important day: the 3rd anniversary of the hematopoietic stem cells graft! I would like to share a few photos taken before, during and after the graft. If I am with you today, it is because I had the chance to meet the fantastic team of the dept of Hematology at Saint Antoine Hospital and in particular my kind graft doctor . They are now and forever a part of my big family. I love you all! Of course my anonymous donor was the key for this positive outcome: without her gift,no life was possible. There is little chance that she will read this message, but who knows, life is full of surprises …and of love. My family has been the key supporter before, during, and after this experience. Together, we have made this long trip from th earth to the moon and back. I love you so much! I do not forget my friends, old and new, who were always confident that “I could make it”: thank you!

Each morning, when I wake up, my first thoughs are for you!

With love :-)!Added today, june 25th 2019: this morning I met with me kind graft doctor. She gave me the results of the blood aanalysis made yesterday: all good!She even told me that it was of no need to have the anti-viral drug: 100% drug-free, after “just” 3 years! Youpi! Thank you my wonderful graft doctor and the team at saint Antoine! Thank you my anonymous donor (today I gave a letter for her to my doctor)! Thank you my family and my friends! I love you all so much!

Boulder, Fall 2015: a “healthy guy”!


Early 2016, Saint Antoine hospital: the fainting guy (after my first blood transfusion, and falling to the ground)


Preparing to enter the hospital, June 2016

Room 426, Saint Antoine hospital, mid-June 2016. A room with a vue!

The “D” day: June 24th 2016: the gift of life from my anonymous donor


July 13th 2016: living Saint Antoine, heading back home!

October 2016: first dinner outside!

Spring 2017: painting and enjoying life!

June 2017: Noirmoutier island, being able to bicke (did you notice the color of the hair…and the curls!)


Fall 2017: my nice graft doctor gave me the green light to go abroad! Toronto!

Nanjing China!

Spring 2018: somewhere in France

An artist in action!

Fall 2018: Canadian Rockies


End of 2018-Beginning of 2019


Spring 2019:












Greetings from Nanjing-China!

This time no health-related reports! Just fun! Enjoying my new visit to Southeast University in Nanjing.

Here are some photos taken around the campus .

I visited several beautiful monuments and garden in and around Nanjing,  often related to buddhism.


On sunday, I visited Yangzhou, which is seated on the bank of the Yangtze river, near the “Grand Canal” flowing from Beijing to Suzhou.Yangzhou is famous for its gardens, its Slender West Lake,…Not to forget the specialities cooked there! Dumpling with various fillings, fried rice, salty goose…Here are some photos.


Today, friday June 7th, is my last day in Nanjing. Tomorrow, I will leave, back to France. But today is “Dragon Boat Festival”, a holiday! To know more about this festival:


This morning, for breakfast, I had “zongzi”, made of sticky rice: delicious!


If I can travel “freely” now, it is because of the outstanding job made by my wonderful graft doctor and the team in Saint Antoine hospital. I don’t forget my stem cells donor (she is within me all the time ;-)!), and my beautiful family and friends. Each morning, when I wake up, my first thoughts are for you! I love you all!