Another visit to Saint Antoine: Photopheresis and my Graft Doctor

Another visit to Saint Antoine: Photopheresis and my Graft Doctor

This week, I spent a lot of time in my favorite spot in Paris: the Saint Antoine hospital! On monday morning, I had an apointment for the photopheresis. Everything went fine, the nurses are fantastic, but a little bug in the sofware driving the machine resulted in a longer stay in bed without moving! It could be worst, as I am under a heating blanket, which makes me sleep!

The next day, I had the visit to my graft doctor. She gave me the results of the last blood analysis: everything is close to perfect! Good news. She also told me, even before I could ask, that it was not yet time to lower the cyclosporine (neoral). I was very disappointed as I was looking forward for a new reduction of the quantity of that chemical I am taking twice a day. Two months ago, it was lowered from 40 mg twice a day to 30 mg twice a day. As I don’t have any clear sign of GvHc, I was looking forward to a new lowering…. Not this time :-(! On the other end, she lowered the amount of stuff I am taking each day to protect the liver… No match with a lowering of the cyclosporine! Since my next apointment is in two months, nothing will happen during this period: bye bye the dream to be cyclosporine-free for the second year anniversary of the graft!

On the bright side of the life, I am allowed to travel! So, we will visit Toronto soon, then Italy, ending with China: yes!

I will add soon a copy of myblood analysis to share with you the good results!

All this is happening because of my donor, of the doctors and nurses at Saint Antoine, and with the daily support of my family and friends!

Enjoy life!