First vacations of the after graft

First vacations of the after graft

Last week we went to “Le Touquet”, a small city located in the north of France, on the “Manche” sea. We spent 4 days there in an hostel located right on the beach: a room with a vue!

Jacqueline did some thalasso and we walked on the beach and the dunes, a few kilometers each time. What a difference between now and a year ago: walking at the sea level versus climbing the mountains above 2500 m! But I am happy to be able to do some walking again!

The weather was pretty OK for mid-november with some sun, almost no rain and no freezing temperatures!

Here are some photos taken near the beach…









First trip using public transportation!

First trip using public transportation!

On thursday november 10th, the lab organized a big anniversary event for the 20th anniversary of the opening of the lab: I attended this event! And I used the RER B line from home to Paris: first time in 6 months! I am closer and closer to the life as usual state!

On sunday, we had a big family reunion for my birthday: good food, wonderful family, a lot of gifts!

Everybody is monitoring the coming back of my hair: here is a photo taken by my daughter during the last week-end…

Yesterday we went back to the hospital for some analysis: blood analysis and a myelogramme…. Results this afternoon, as we have an appointment with the doctor. No problem in vue; everything is OK; I even get some weight (61 kg this morning, 125 pounds).

I am recovering faster than expected. I am still tired in the afternoon but I don’t need anymore a nape every day!

Life is beautiful! I wish you enjoy it as much as me!