From the Earth to the Moon: on the way back from the Moon

From the Earth to the Moon: on the way back from the Moon

I am now 16 months after the hematopoietic stem cells transplant.

Last week, we had a regular appointment with my graft doctor at Saint Antoine. She gave me the results of the blood analysis made the week before: all the results are back to “normal” or almost back to normal! In the previous analysis, we noticed a slow decrease of the red cells count, but  it started to climb again in this last analysis. Good news!

Of course I still have c GvH in the mouth but, according to the doctor, it has diminished. We continue photophoresis, with a visit every 3 weeks: not big deal!

Just before leaving her office, my doctor said: your myelodysplasia is now cured. What! I did not expect something like last, even in my wildest dreams! For me, after having a cancer treated, you are “in remission”! What a news!

Of course, things are not over yet. I still need the photopheresis to try to stop the GvH. I also need to take Néoral to reduce the activity of the graft. As a consequence, because of having a diminished immune system, I still need to have antibiotics, antiviral treatment, … 22 pills a day! At first I had trouble when swallowing those pills, but now I get use to!

But, as my doctor is always remembering me: it is not bad to have a little GvH: it shows that the graft is working well :-)!

In reference with the title of this blog, I can say now that I am  on the way back from the Moon to the Earth!

I will never thank enough, my donor, the doctors and nurses at Saint Antoine Hematology department, and my family and friends. Every day, when I wake up, my first thoughts are for you!

Anf if you wanted to know more about MDS, please have a look to this web page:

It is very well documented and informative!