Spring is coming!

Spring is coming!

Greetings from Bures-France!

We are now almost at the end of February, and I am looking forward for the arrival of the Spring! Although we have had some sunny days lately, I miss the good weather and the beautiful flowers: it is grey, both in the sky and in the garden!

I try to pay a visit to my garden everyday…. I even started to work in the garden, mainly increasing the surface of vegetable garden. My goal is to become self-sufficient soon :-)!

The first flowers to show up were the crocus, first the yellows then the blues, to finish with the whites…

Then came the japanese quinces, which are just at the begining of the bloming…

Soon, it will the turn for the primroses, the forsythia, the daffodils…

First camellia and violets!

I am now living my sixth spring since my stem cells transplant! Yes almost seven years! I would like to offer those flowers to the team at Saint Antoine Hospital, and in particular to my wonderful graft doctor, to my family and friends, and to my anonymous stem cells donor: I love you all!

My favorite song when I was a teenager :-)!