Dynamic phototherapy to remove a carcinoma

Dynamic phototherapy to remove a carcinoma

Last wednesday, I had an apointment at the Tenon hospital-department of dermatology to remove another carcinoma, the one located at the back of the skull.This time no surgery (well at least for this time!). The principe of this technique is simple: first a cream containing a photosensitizer is applied on the carcinoma. I had to wait 3 to 4 hours before the second step (the photosensitizer is supposed to enter the skin during this time). Then a strong light is focused on the carcinoma during several minutes (a little painful, it is like a local burn). Pretty simple no? Results will be checked in 3 months.

A much better description of the technique can be found at:


The dermatologist looked also at my body to discover if a new carcinoma had appeared, and also to check for some cGVH in the mouth and on the sexe: according to him nothing (however when I will meet with my kind graft doctor next june, I will ask her again about the GVH: she is a specialist!).

Beside, last week, as requested by my graft doctor, I did a full blood analysis: according to my kind doctor, the analysis is perfect!

The only difficult point for me is the fact that I am always tired, even when I do just a little gardening. It is disturbing and it is not going away…

But the spring is there, with some sun and a lot of flowers in our garden…

Lunch at the hospital…







With love!




March 8th: Women’s day…

March 8th: Women’s day…

Today is Women’s day! For me, as a chimera half-man half-woman, it will be only “half a women’s day” ah ah! But I will celebrate anyway!

Friday afternoon is the day when I am working on stained glass: I will ask my teacher to pay only half the fee :-)!

I am almost 33 months after the stem cells graft. My blood analysis is kind of perfect. I might have still a little bit of GVHc, but it keeps coming and going, mainly in the mouth and on the sexe… In two weeks, I will meet a dermatologist for another turn of phototherapy (a carcinoma to remove). I will ask her what she thinks… Anyway no big deal!

To celebrate this special day, here is a song by J. Ferrat:

based on a poem by Aragon:


I will not leave this post without thanking the fantastic team at Saint Antoine hospital and in particular my kind graft doctor , my anonymous donor, my wonderful family and my friends: I love you all!

Take care and enjoy life!