A visit to Toronto

A visit to Toronto

Greetings from Bures-France! Recently we had the chance to visit our family living in Toronto. We had a wonderful time! We spent around 3 weeks there. During this time, we travelled in Ontario, mainly in the One Thousand Islands area: worst to be seen! It connects Lake Ontario to the Saint Laurence river. We walked over using the bridge leading to the US border., and made a cruise: by looking to the flags on the islands we could “travel” from the Canada to the US and back without leaving the boat…

The weather was OK, not like in France with its “heat wave”! When returning home, I discovered my garden in bad shape: no rain for 3 weeks, high temperatures… I was able to save most of the vegetables but some of the flowers, like the peonies, suffered a lot…not sure they will recover.

Anyway, we enjoyed our visit to our family and we are looking forward to meet them soon, in August :-)!

Of course, when traveling or on my day to day life, I never forget “my other family”: the people of the Saint Antoine Hospital Hematology Department, and in particular my kind graft doctor, and my stem cells donor….

With love!