New flowers in my garden

New flowers in my garden

Greetings from Bures-France! One of my favorite activity is, each morning, to make a tour of my garden. It is a way to “discover” new flowers with fantastic colors and shapes!

Although the weather has not been too friendly, this year is a year for columbines:

We have also a few roses, iris and rhododendrons… it is also a great year for forget-me-not and syringa

I would like to offer this wealth of flowers to the people at Saint Antoine Hospital Hematology Department and in particular to my fantastic graft doctor. They seved my life! I miss them all… It is also for my family and my stem cells donor…

With love.

Gardening: vegetables and fruits!

Gardening: vegetables and fruits!

This time of the year is the right time to plant vegetables… Last year I did it earlier, but late freezing killed everything! So this year, I waited for better weather! Becoming older makes me more patient :-)!

Tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, peppers, squashs, pumpkin, red kuri squash!

I planted new strawberries too. Together with the ones planted last year, plus the raspberries. It might offer during the summer some healthy fruits!

We might also have cherries from the two cherry trees, apricots and apples!

All this “hard work” I performed in the garden (;-)!) is possible because of the “hard work” people at Saint Antoine Hospital did, and in particular my great graft doctor (;-)!). Love them all!