A visit to the Courson Castel, near home

A visit to the Courson Castel, near home

Yesterday, we went to the Courson Castel, which is located near our home. It was a sunny and cool day.

This place is known for its camellias collection. As I love camellias, we decided to pay a visit to this place.


Although it was somehow the end of the season for camellias, we enjoyed a magnificent show!

Here are some photos taken for you to enjoy!

Take care and enjoy life!

With love!

Venise, Venice, Venezia

Venise, Venice, Venezia

Last week, we fulfilled a dream we had for years: to visit Venice. We were fortunate, as the weather was ok, sunny but a little cold. Moreover, it was not crowded, well outside the Rialto ;-)!

Coming from the airport, we used a boat, which travelled through the Grand Canal up to our bed and breakfast…

We visited the Doge’s palace:

Saint Mark’s basilica:

Saint Mark square:

The bridge of Sighs:

Other views of Venice and Murano:

Murano glass museum:

We visited so many churches….looking for statues of my good friend Saint Antoine! Saint Antoine has become somebody special for me after people at Saint Antoine hospital saved my life in june 2016: I will never thank them enough for what they did for me, and in particular my great graft doctor: they are my heroes :-)! Of course, I lighted candles for each ;-)!

With love!