A visit to my graft doctor

A visit to my graft doctor

On March 3rd, I had an apointment with my kind graft doctor at Saint Antoine Hospital. The day before it was blood analysis time… Before, I had another blood analysis which was designed to study the state of my immune system.

My doctor told me that every thing was “perfect”, including the state of my immune system which, according to her, was better than average: yes! In the trouble times of corona virus outbreak, it could be an asset!

Of course, I have theory to explain this fact ;-)! If you remember well, my hematopoietic stem cells donor was a very young woman. So, as a chimera, everything which is related to “blood” is linked to my female part, including the immune system of course. A quick look in the scientific literature “confirmed” what I already guessed: the female immune system is “stronger” that the male one! (https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/05/090511180740.htm),( https://www.labroots.com/trending/immunology/12425/female-vs-male-immune-response). I am not sure that this “hypothesis” will have the support of my kind graft doctor ;-)!

Before, I had the chance to travel to Toronto to visit my daughter’s family. Our grandson is changing fast! He is already 6 months old, and can seat by himself. he is a smiling beautiful boy!

We also paid a short visit to our friends in Boulder Colorado… We have so many good memories linked to Boulder! And so many very good friends there!

I am posting a few pictures taken during our trip. I hope you will like them!

Spring is arrived in Bures!

If I can enjoy another spring, it is because of the fantastic team in the hematology department at St Antoine, and in particular my sweet graft doctor, my wonderful donor, my family and my friends: thank you so much! I love you!