First long trip outside France

First long trip outside France

A few weeks ago, I asked permission to my doctor to go abroad for up to 3 weeks. She said yes! This trip would be the longest and the farthest away from home in two years… A year ago, I was so weak that I was wondering weither I would be able one day to go to the US again…

We left France on august 28 th to visit our daughter in Toronto. After a few years in London, she and her husband decided to move to Canada.

Toronto is an interesting city, with a lot of things to visit. We enjoyed the Chinese quarter and the Greck quarter (where my daughter is living). There are a lot of parks, which remembered me of London…

After a week, we left Toronto for Boulder. We visited our friends there and hiked “a lot”: it was more like a kind of “test” to see if I was able to survive the high altitude. Everything went well, including a visit to the highest road in the Rocky Mountains National Park: around 14000 feet! We did several pilgrimages to places we like very much: Walker Ranch, Caribou Ranch… Positive tests!

Then we went back to Toronto for a few days, before heading back to Paris… We left “the good weather” for the “rainy and cold weather” of Paris!

We took several photos of the various places we visited. Here are some.

We are looking forward to the next trip, maybe for a longer time… But everything will be doctor’s dependent of course!

Two days after our return, I had another photopheresis at St Antoine hospital. In two weeks, I will have my regular appointment with my graft doctor. Everything should be OK…

(by the way, on visiting Little Portugal in Toronto, we discovered this new Saint Antoine on a small house… So I am not the only one who loves this guy!).