My carcinomas and me: a love story

My carcinomas and me: a love story

I have had a long love story with  carcinomas on the head. It started years ago with one on the forehead, which was removed by surgery. It was great since, as a consequence, I lost a few wrinkles :-)!

Then, during the “stem cells graft event” in 2016, after having my hair shaved, doctors discovered that I had another carcinoma on the left temple. The year after, I was treated at Tenon hospital first with a cream, Aldara, but it did not work. Then it was photodynamic phototherapy, which did not work either. It ended up with another surgery: again I lost other wrinkles!

Last year, during a routine checkup in  the Dermatology Department in Tenon Hospital, my doctor found a new carcinoma at the back of the head, on the left. After treating it first with Aldara cream, then liquid nitrogen, it disappeared for some time… and then came back! Dynamic phototherapy once more had an effect… until two weeks ago. During an appointment at Tenon, my doctor discovered that it was back. I got the biopsy results a few days ago: to get ride of it I will need another surgery… The bad side is that because of the location of this carcinoma, no wrinkles will be removed, so no rejuvenation is expected:-)! Surgery is scheduled for the end of September…

I have been lucky to meet wonderful people, both at Saint Antoine hospital (in particular my graft doctor ;-)), and at Tenon hospital.  Wathever they suggest, I know that they are making the right choice for my well being. I love them all!

Take care everybody!

With love!


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