The renewed pleasure to be able to travel

The renewed pleasure to be able to travel

I have been silent for quite a long time… but it is not for health related problems! It is just that I was busy traveling: Canada and the US!

We went to Toronto to visit our daughter and her husband. We left France in the spring and arrived in Canada in the winter :-)! Freezing temperatures, snow, rain, wind!

Then, we visited our friends in Boulder-Colorado, a place I visited many times when I was allowed to work in a chemistry lab, to make it short, during my first life :-)!

We climbed the high mountains (3000 m) in deep snow and low temperatures. But because of my new high quality red blood cells I had no problem to perform this exploit! A few places we visited: mud lake (Nederland-Colorado), Brainard lake (Ward-Colorado), Bear Lake, Nymph Lake and Dream Lake (all in the Rocky Mountain National Park)…

We shared lunchs/dinners with our friends in Boulder, and I was able to show them my new hobby: making real “brioches”!

After, we went back to Toronto for an another week, then moved back to France to find again the Spring :-)!

Here are some photos taken during this trip…

First Toronto:



My famous brioches:

Spring in our garden in Bures:

If I can travel freely those days, it is because I had the enormous chance to meet fantastic people at the Saint Antoine hospital and in particular my wonderful graft doctor, my donor who gave me the chance to live my second life, and my family and friends who supported me so well… I love you all :-)!