Our visit to Saint Antoine hospital last week

Our visit to Saint Antoine hospital last week

I did not give much news over the last few weeks… but it is just because things are going pretty well :-)!

Last Tuesday, we had an appointment with the doctor who is following me (I call her Doctor Yes because she very often has a positive answer when we suggest some modifications in the day to day life, such as taking public transportation, …). Every thing is going well, including the GvH, which is slowly disappearing. I was disappointed as she did not lower the amount of cyclosporine I am taking each day, but I need to be patient… She asked me to stop another drug I was taking, one used to protect my liver, and to lower also the amount of magnesium I had…a lot of positive things! Good signs!

The blood analysises are close to “perfect”. I am still a little tired in the evening when I do too much things during the day, but it is not such a big deal! I need to be patient! I am only seven months after the graft and I am already in good shape…

Since I am well, I started to have vaccins, as everything was destroyed by the chemotherapy. It is as if I was a baby again, a big baby with white hair!

Next visit to Saint Antoine hospital will be in 3 weeks…

Next weekend, we will go to London for our daughter’s marriage! Pretty funny!