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Greetings from Bures-France! I have been silent. for some time, but it is mainly because I have been lazy :-)!

Early in November, we visited our daugther and her family in Toronto. We joined just at the right time: our grand son, who is attending a daycare, brought home the flu (or a cold), and gave it to everybody ! We spent 3 weeks with running noze, some fever (at the begining), headache, cough . Before going back home, we took a PCR test to be safe. Anyway, we enjoyed being with our canadian branch of the family!

In November, the 26th conference on climat took place in Scotland. The “global warming” issue remembered me of a song from Bourvil , a french actor and singer. The song starts like that: un oranger sur le sol irlandais, on ne le verra jamais (an orange tree on Irish soil, we’ll never see it)! Maybe he was wrong :-)! Just wait for a few more years!

This fall was also the time for meto start again my “artistic work”, stained glass and modeling… Here are some of my project.

My last project on stained glass project is “a photophore”. I started to build it a few weeks ago. The first class lasted for 7 hours! And I was able to survive it! Thank you people from Hematology at St Antoine hospital and in particular my great graft doctor! Together with my donor and my family and friends, you saved my life! I am a surviving chimera :-)!

Saint Paul de Vence

Saint Paul de Vence

During our stay in Vence, we hiked to Saint Paul de Vence, which is a few km away. I was able to do it thanks to the team at St Antoine hospital and my fantastic graft doctor! Every day, I am thinking of them, and my family and friends, without forgeting my stem cells donor… I love them all ;-)!

Saint Paul is such a beautiful place, and sunny too!

Here are some photos…

Bis repetita: a visit to “The South” in search of the sun

Bis repetita: a visit to “The South” in search of the sun

A few weeks ago, we decided to go south to look for some sun, which is saddly missing in the Paris area… We first stopped at Aix en Provence, a city we never visited before. A charming city… with some rain the day we spent there :-)!

We visited the cathedrale and churches… looking for St Antoine’s statues ;-)!

Most of the museums were closed because of “the red alert” (heavy rain!)… We managed to visit an “hôtel particulier” with an exhibit of painting from Zao Wou-Ki…

We then headed for Vence, a small village in Provence: the sun was there! There is so much to be seen around, from Saint Paul de Vence to Antibes, to Cagnes sur mer, Tourrettes sur Loup… We did several hikes, which were very plesant under the sun!

On the way back home, we stopped in “le Beaujolais” to visit les villages des pierres dorées…

We are now almost at the end of October… Fall is really there, with its short days, not too good for the spirit :-(!

But in two weeks, we will head to Toronto to visit our daughter and her family :-)!

If I can enjoy life, it is because of the fantastic team at Saint Antoine hospital, and in particular my great graft doctor, my donor, my wonderful family, and my friends: I love you all! Thinking of you everyday…

Stained glass projects and modeling

Stained glass projects and modeling

Following the partial lifting of the restriction linked to the last lockdown, I have been able to resume “my artistic work”…

I first finished the Father Joseph’s statue, which was waiting for me for a long time. I painted it: I am very happy with the result!

With the little time left before “the summer vacations”, I decided to make a owl, as I never tried to make animals before. Here is the result (It is not yet “cooked”).

I had also the chance to finish a stained glass project I called it “the lady with a blue hat”. It took me some time to finish it because of the lockdown, but also because of my lack of experience with the lead stained glass work!

As I am pretty fond of “Tiffany stained glass objects”, I made a blue elephant and a ladybug…

My last project is a dove:

My artistic activities will resume in the fall…

But now, I will go to Toronto soon to meet The Caribous :-)!

With love!

June 24th 2016- June 24th 2021

June 24th 2016- June 24th 2021


Soon it is will be the 5th anniversary of my hematopoietic stem cells transplant. Five years already! Hard to believe!

I would like to warmly thank the fantastic team who saved my life: all the people in the Department of Hematology at Saint Antoine Hospital and in particular my graft doctor (I will never forget her). I would like also to thank “Marie”, the nurse who actually performed “the graft”: it was her first time, and for me too! I wonder where I would be without the gift of stem cells from my young donor: I will never meet her, which is kind of sade, but I know the rules… I had also the chance to have my big family and my friends around me: even while “confined” I had visit every day from Jaja and others…

I really really love you all :-)!

The best way “to celebrate” this anniversary is to put together photos, from “before” to “now”.








“The mask” with a Saint Antoine on it: the best protective device against covid you can think of :-)!



I love you all !

Heading for the south…

Heading for the south…

After a long time without travelling, because of the lockdown, we decided to go to the south of France, “la Camargue” and “la Provence”.

We spent a few days near Les saintes Maries de la Mer. We visited several places including the ornithological reserve of la Camargue. Various species of birds to watch: flamingos, herons,…

Camargue is really beautiful…. but there are too many mosquitos :-)!

We then went to , a small village in “les Alpilles”: Maussane les Alpilles. It is located near les Baux de Provence and St Rémy de Provence. Such as wonderful area… and sunny too ;-)!

We visited a lot of churches, abbayes and various monuments. We did also hikes. Most of the time , I was wearing my hat, following the advices from my dermatologist :-)!

We also visited again “la Carrière des Lumières” displaying an exhibit about Cézanne, and Kandinsky…

We are already in June… In a few days, it will be the 5th anniversary of my stem cells graft… Thank you all at St Antoine hospital, in particular my kind graft doctor, thank you my anonymous donor, thank you my family and friends: if I am here to celebrate it is because of you! I love you all !



Today, I would like to invite you to make a short tour of our garden in Bures-France to discover “the columbines”, which are really beautiful this year. I discovered this flower during my first visit in Boulder-Colorado-USA. The blue columbine is “the official flower” for the state of Colorado.

I planted some seeds of “ancolies” (or columbines) in our garden, and they kept coming back each year (self-seeding).

Here are the ones we have this year, coming in various colors:

I hope you will like them as much as I love them!

Take care and enjoy life!

With love

Building up a vegetable garden

Spring is there! It is time to start to work on my vegetable garden.

Last year, at the end of the first lockdown, I decided to start a new part in our garden: a vegetable garden. It was more to stay busy than to save money by growing our own vegetables ;-)!

Building up on the “tremandous success” of the 2020 season, I decided to increase the surface devoted to the vegetable garden…

I planted several kinds of vegetables: eggplants, tomatoes, butternut, zucchinis, pumpkin, chilli pepper…

Maybe I planted all the vegetables too early, as it might freeze during the coming week…

If I can get enough vegetables, I am planning to distribute some to the people around me, including my fantastic graft doctor at the St Antoine Hospital who helped me a lot over the years following the stem cells graft and is still present whenever I ask her for help…

Love you all !

To be continued…