Lockdown …

Lockdown …

Hello from Bures-France.

Since march 17th, 2020 we are in lockdown (confinement). We have to stay home, going out only for important reasons such as visiting a doctor, going shopping, for a short walk to exercise (one kilometer limit from home),… Each time we have to have a signed paper with us explaining what is the purpose of being out. We should be alone or respect the social distancing when in couple during the short walks :-)!

This confinement can be really hard for people living in small appartments, with children (parents are now “substitute teachers” since the schools are closed and the education is “on line”). As for us, we are lucky to have a garden, which provides extra space and also a way of being active via gardening…

On the light side of the confinement, with time passing, we hear more and more complains regarding the “hair problem” :-)!  Hairdressers have been closed for 8 weeks now, and the ones who were unlucky of not having an hair cut before the lockdown are now in trouble!

Being one of the unlucky guys, I decided to make something of it: as an experiment, I took a photo each friday morning during the lockdown…Here is the result… It is an experiment in progress as we are still in confinement (may 5th)! I hope you will enjoy it! I also added “old photos” taken at different times of my life, mainly for fun ;-)!


February 2020 in Toronto

April/May 2020 Bures: going out…to our garden!



End of lockdown, May 24 2020…Heading toward the mountains…in our garden :-)!


Years 70’s and 80’s…Young and beautiful 🙂

50’s… in a small village called Meillonnas, near Bourg en Bresse… Cute no?

July 13th 2016: leaving the room where I was in “confinement” after the hematopoietic stem cells transplant: hairless but alive ah ah! I will never forget all the people at Saint Antoine who saved my life, and in particular my kind graft doctor. Of course there is my young donor: I will never meet her. but I am living with her DNA in me… I had a daily visit of my wife, members of the family and friends. It was a “light” version of the lockdown we are living in now…


For some time, I had to wear a mask, so I am well prepared for our new life, where we will have to hide ourselves under a mask:


Take care and enjoy life! I love you all!