On Friday, May 6th we went to visit Gien, a small city located on the Loire river. There is a small castel there, but not very nice and, more important, a factory where the Gien Earthenware is made (http://www.gien.com/boutique/index.php/?___store=gb_english). I love this place! We bought a lot of gifts!

On the way back home, we visited a small castel called Château de la Bussière: pretty nice! There is a large vegetable garden too! As the weather was perfect, sunny and breezy, we had a long rest near by the pound! A relaxing day!


In fact, the start of the day had not been so idyllic…On our way, we got a phone call from the Saint Antoine hospital: the nurse in charge of the transplants contacted us to let us know the time of the appointments with the doctor and also for the check up before transplant. I thought that I could have a stress-free weekend but I was wrong! Anwyay, those things had to be done! And I am now one step closer to the transplant!

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