After my platelets shoot last Tuesday, I was ready for our trip to Normandy! On Wednesday, we left Bures for our first stop at “the château of Miromesnil”, a wonderful bed and breakfast in Tourville sur Arques. We visited the potager, which is a mixte of flowers and vegetables: wonderful! We spent a night there in a round room inside a tower, and the next day we visited the castel itself and a small chapel…


We headed then for “the beach” at Yport, a small village on the cost. On the way, we stoped to visit another beautiful garden “Le bois des Moutiers” with a large selection of rhododendrons. Although the weather was not great, we enjoyed the visit…



We also visited a small chapel “with a vue” but without vue this day because of the fog ;-)!  The chapel had stain glass windows made by Georges Braque, and yes a statue of Saint Antoine my good friend!IMG_4403


In Yport, we had a room on the beach! The first day, we did not see the frontier between the sea and the sky!!! The next day, Friday, we went to Etretat, a city famous for its cliffs. We did a walk on the top of the cliff, so we had various vues of this wonderful place…


At last, the sun came, so we spent some time “on the beach” to have a rest (not without a coat of course ;-)!).


On Saturday, we headed back home. It was a freezing day! We stopped by the “Abbaye Saint Georges” located near the Seine river. So cold and windy!




After eating “une crêpe” we went back home…End of the trip to Normandy!

On Tuesday May 17th, I have an apointment with the doctor in charge of the transplants at Saint Antoine: back to the real world!

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