Yesterday morning (May 30th), we had an appointment at the day hospital. I was supposed to have a blood analysis, a myelogramme, the first day of Vidaza and a meeting with the nurse in charge of transplant….

Of course, as usual, last minutes changes occured! It started with the blood analysis. I had two nurses near me, just in case: they all thing that I might faint anytime! They do make jokes about me! Of course I did well ;-)! Next we had the meeting with the nurse regarding the practical aspects of the hospitalisation: what can we bring in the room (computer, some food (special package no “home made food”), what kind of clothes (need to be “boiled” to remove germs; 60°C is OK). etc…). Before we looked at a DVD explaining again the different steps for a hemotopoietic stem cells transplant, with the “side effects”: very informative, but with Jaja we are now kind of experts in hematology so we did not learn much. But it was useful to have all the informations given in one single DVD! Oh I forgot: the first minute we met with the nurse, she said that I did not need to have the Vidaza treatment. Why? Because we have now a time for the hospitalisation: June 15th 2016! The last thing to do (well it is what I expected) was the bone marrow analysis: no problem! It does not really hurt. The feeling is just strange: like if something was pumped out of the body… The doctor asked me if I wanted to have a look to the glass slide on which they spread the marrow. She showed 2 small “things” and told me that they were pieces of my marrow. They analyse by optical microscopy the contents. When I left the room, they asked me if I was OK and could walk by myself back to the room: always the same “fainting guy” reputation!

The day ended up by an unexpected red blood cells transfusion: the results from the blood analysis done in the morning showed that I had too few red blood cells…

We have now the timing for the process: entering the hospital on June 15th afternoon; on June 16th a catheter will be put in place and the same day chemiotherapy will start. It will last for 6 days. It will not be the funniest part from what the nurse said…. Then on June 22th, it will be time to have the stem cells transplant: a simple transfusion. This day will be D zero (J zéro in french)….

Today, I have an appointment with the doctor who is in charge of the transplant. She will inform me of the results related to the various exams I did last monday. I don’t expect any surprising news….



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