Since going back home on July 13th, I visited the day hospital 3 times already. Each time, doctors explained me that they were happy with my recovery! I jus have some red spots on the skin, which can be seen as a sign that the graft is working efficiently. It is called a fight between host and guest but it can be kept under control using the cyclosporine.

Today, I got the results for the first myelogram done at D + 30 last thursday: everything is normal! Yes!

I also got the blood analysis results: I did not have an analysis like this one for years:I am almost back to  a normal analysis with just a small defificit in red blood celles and platelets…

We still need to be extra careful with the food and the cleaning of my environment…

The mainly difficulty I am facing now: being tired and having little energy!

I will have to be patient!!!!!!!!!!!IMG-20160714-WA0000Diapositive1


4 thoughts on “The last analysis:on the way to the normality…

    1. Thank you!
      Everybody likes it, but not Jacqueline!
      I have been compared to american actors, but also some say that I look like monsieur propre :-)!


    1. Dear Hong:
      Yesterday I had to go back for a few days at the hospital, as i have diarreha coming back. Nothing really serious but they want to investigate more in details from where it could come…
      I hope it will be just for a short stay….
      Best regards
      PS: please give my regards to Zhifei!


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