On thursday november 10th, the lab organized a big anniversary event for the 20th anniversary of the opening of the lab: I attended this event! And I used the RER B line from home to Paris: first time in 6 months! I am closer and closer to the life as usual state!

On sunday, we had a big family reunion for my birthday: good food, wonderful family, a lot of gifts!

Everybody is monitoring the coming back of my hair: here is a photo taken by my daughter during the last week-end…

Yesterday we went back to the hospital for some analysis: blood analysis and a myelogramme…. Results this afternoon, as we have an appointment with the doctor. No problem in vue; everything is OK; I even get some weight (61 kg this morning, 125 pounds).

I am recovering faster than expected. I am still tired in the afternoon but I don’t need anymore a nape every day!

Life is beautiful! I wish you enjoy it as much as me!



2 thoughts on “First trip using public transportation!

  1. Well, I would not go so fare as saying that the rer b is not bad! It is terrible, with problems every day! I am trying to follow “the Trump’s transition” but it is confusing: one day a name appears, the next day it is removed: the french newspapers don’t understand the process. Better read the NYT or the BBC! Bises!


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