Greetings from Bures!

Last week, I had an apointment at Tenon hospital to have a carcinome removed by phototherapy. The dermatologist had a look to my skin and “discovered” that I had “likens” in the mouth. It was related to a “GvH” (guest versus host attack. I went two days later to the Saint Antoine hospital to have a confirmation: yes it is a weak GvH. The doctor gave me a solution to wash the mouth and increased a littl the amount of cyclosporine I took: 2 times 50 mg instead of 2 times 10 mg by day…. I expected to finish to take cyclosporine for Christmas but no!

Today I went again to the Saint Antoine day hospital for a blood analysis and a mouth checking: the “lichens” started already to disappear. Moreover, the blood analysis is now close to normal!

What a year! Last december we were climbing high in the Rockies! But I am on the right track with new hematopoietic stem cells of high quality!

This year I learned a lot, of course in hematology but above all I learned that we should never forget to enjoy life every day: it is such a precious thing!

Merry Christmas to everybody! And thank you for helping me to “survive” those difficulties!





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