Hello everybody!

Today is June 21st, first day of the summer! It is also a very important day for me: a year ago, my stem cell donnor started the process to stimulate de production of stem cells in her blood. I now know more about what she had to go through, as she answered me by a long letter! The treatement to stimulate the production of hematopoietic stem cells did not work the first time, so she had to have a second set of injections… The doctors took out the stem cells by “filtration” from her blood, but the amount was a little “small”… they  decided that it was worse trying, taking in account that I was already in aplasia… And the result was perfect, so the doctors did the right choice!

I guess the kind of machine used to recover my donnor’s stem cells is similar to the one I am using for the photopheresis…

First time I saw this machine, I immediatly thought of the kind of “experiment” we could do with it!

Tomorrow will be my 4th visit to the place! I hope that the results will be good, sooner or later!

Enjoy life!

IMG_20170614_082613 - copie



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