I was silent for a few weeks, but it is not because things are not going well! It is just because I was traveling in France! We visited “Alsace”, which makes the border with Germany.

We visited a lot of interesting places such as the Strasbourg Cathedrale, the historical museum of Strasbourg, “la petite France”, Obernai… We climbed “the month Saint Odile” under heavy rain and in mud… We followed “the road of the wines” as Alsace is famous for its white wines, sparkling wines too (“cremants d’Alsace”). I did not drink too much wine, as I still have some problems at the level of the liver!

Speaking of health, some weeks ago I spoke about the GvHc making, maybe, its come back in the mouth. I think I was just wrong, as I don’t feel anything right now: is-it a sign that the photopheresis is working????? I hope so! I will know more next week as I have an apointment with my graft doctor (I will have also another round of photopheresis).

Another very minor problem I have, is feeling “cold”. Before I did not know what it was to wear a pullover, but now I need to wear more clothe that “before”….

I still have to take several pills every day, but I hope next week, my graft doctor will lower again my cyclosporine… Let’s hope for the best!

Here are some photos taken during the trip to Alsace, including some new photos of my good friend Saint Antoine! Enjoy!














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