This week is a special week for me: next month it will be the second anniversary of my hematopoietic stem cells transplant. To “celebrate” this special event, I will have to go through several analysis and tests to check if everything is going in the right direction. On tuesday, I had to do a blood analysis and a myelogram. I was confident that everything would go smoothly, as I am kind of used to these procedures…

Not this time! Remember what happened in early 2016? At this time, I was a beginner in the domain of blood analysis and blood transfusion. One day, during one of those “experiments”, I fainted without warning and falled from the chair: blood everywhere on the floor, since at that time I was short in platelets… From this day on, the nurses put a big red dot on my file, and called me “the fainting guy”: I became “popular” in one day in the day hospital!

Today, a lot of tubes were needed because there were several “sophisticated analysis” to be done, mainly to check the state of my immune system . The nurse, from the beginning, told me that it was as if it was a “drain of blood”! Well, she was just right! Almost at the end, just two tubes left, I started to not feeling good, and told them. But I fainted immediatly and had no memory of what had happened. When coming back to life, it took me a few seconds to remember where I was ;-)! When I saw the nurses all around me, I thought “not again”! They gave me some orange juice and some cakes, and after a few minutes I was able to go to the waiting room: my day was not over yet! I had a myelogram waiting for me;-)! I had some rest, then the doctors came for the myelogram. Very professional as usual! It took just a few minutes, no pain! They are really skilled! They showed me the plates they made, telling me: see the small dots, those are the bone marrow parts! The marrow is “rich”: ah ah, good for me! Of course, we have now to wait for the full characterization! It will take a few weeks. Just in time with the visit to my kind graft doctor, at the end of june. Before, I will have some respiratory test, but no problem with that!

I will had soon some other informations, but before leaving you, I would like to explain from where the photos below are coming: we visited the Klimt exhibit at “Atelier des lumières” in Paris : it is worst the visit! (

I will not finish without saying that if I am writing these words, it is because of the fantastic work done by the doctors, the nurses and all the people at the Saint Antoine hospital. Of course, I would like to thank my nice graft doctor, my donor, my family and my friends: they supported me and are still supporting me during the bad days and the good days: I love you all !

Enjoy life :-)!

















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