Two years ago, when I left room 426 after a month “in confinement”, I was skinny and bald. As my son in law pointed out, I looked like “Mister Clean” ;-)!

Two years later, I am haired and with my “love handles” back in place!

What a change!

Today, I would like to share with you “a letter” which was given to me a few days ago by Laura, from our lab. This letter was written centuries ago by Epicure, a greck philosopher. It is called “Lettre à Ménécée”. You can find it (in French) at:

Click to access Lettre-à-Ménécée.pdf


I hope you will like it…. maybe you will become “un épicurien” as we say in French…

Today, I am kind of “sentimental”, so I would like to share with you this song by Jacques Brel:

Take care and enjoy life :-)!

I love you all!


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