Two years ago, for Christmas, as a gift, I received a ticket good for 5 stained glass courses at Although I already had a training on stained glass a few years ago, I was a beginner. Under the guidance of Tatiana, I learned again the basics…

Made in Chartres a few years ago:


I was just 8 months after the graft, and I was hardly strong enough to cut the glass…After standing in front of “the bench” for 3 hours, I was exhausted…  crying when being alone in the car on my way back home. Then, slowly, I came back to life :-)!

Here is my first “masterpiece”: it took me hours to finish it, although it is not so well done!


It is now in Toronto: international recognition ah ah!

My second project came from a stained glass “window” I had noticed in a small church on an island in the golf du morbihan… I was overconfident! So many pieces… Well at the end, I made it, thanks again to Tatiana.






For the third project, I decided to try the classical stained glass, using lead (the first two projects were  “Tiffany” style). The idea came from the web….



For the last project, completed last friday, I went back to the “Tiffany style”, taking the idea again from internet…





With time, I am becoming “addicted” to stained glass :-)! Why? Maybe because it is a kind of substitute to the experiments I did for years in organic synthesis. Making new molecules is a kind of “creativity”, as it is to make stained glass (maybe I am pushing too fare the meaning of “creativity” ;-)!)

Anyway, last friday I started a new project….


Before closing this post, I would like to point out that if I can do projects like the ones I described above it is because I was lucky enough to meet the fantastic group of people at Saint Antoine hospital and in particular my kind graft doctor, of course my anonymous donor, and my wonderful family: even when fare way, you are all within me all the time!

With love…

Oh yes, yesterday I met the first tattooed Saint Antoine in the Eglise de Saint Germain des Prés in Paris:





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