Today is Women’s day! For me, as a chimera half-man half-woman, it will be only “half a women’s day” ah ah! But I will celebrate anyway!

Friday afternoon is the day when I am working on stained glass: I will ask my teacher to pay only half the fee :-)!

I am almost 33 months after the stem cells graft. My blood analysis is kind of perfect. I might have still a little bit of GVHc, but it keeps coming and going, mainly in the mouth and on the sexe… In two weeks, I will meet a dermatologist for another turn of phototherapy (a carcinoma to remove). I will ask her what she thinks… Anyway no big deal!

To celebrate this special day, here is a song by J. Ferrat:

based on a poem by Aragon:

I will not leave this post without thanking the fantastic team at Saint Antoine hospital and in particular my kind graft doctor , my anonymous donor, my wonderful family and my friends: I love you all!

Take care and enjoy life!





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