How I make my brioches…


175g of flour

85g of butter

25g of fresh baker’s yeast

Half a tea spoon of salt

2 spoons of water

2 eggs

25g of powdered sugar


The day before:

In a bowl, mix the floor, the salt, the sugar, the eggs and the melted butter. Add the yeast diluted in the water. Mix thoroughly first with a wooden spoon, then by hand. If the dough is “sticky” add a little bit of flour. Work the dough for 15mn: it should be “elastic” but not sticky!

Leave the dough in the fridge overnight.

Next day:

Shape the dough in a ball.

Roll out the dough with a rolling pin until getting a large thin layer of past (see photo).

Fold the past in 4. Roll out the past as before (see photo).

Then, roll the past to get a dough pudding (un boudin in french!).


Cut it in 4/5 pieces and place them in a pastry mould (non-sticky is better!) (see photo).

Leave it to rise for around one hour, until the mould is filled. It might take a longer time as it is dependent on the temperature… In winter, it can be placed atop a radiator; or to speed up the process, it can be placed above a bowl of warm water.


Put the mould in a pre-heated oven (240°C) and bake until the brioche takes a light brown color (usually 10 to 15mn).


With love!



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