After 2 months of strict confinement, the lockdown has been lifted in two steps: on May 11th, then on June 2nd. In the Paris area, there are still several restrictions such as no movies theaters, a few museums open, bars and restaurants open only on outside terraces… More restrictions might be lifted in 3 weeks if the sanitary situation is improving.

To “celebrate” this event, I made a last disguise: heading to the mountains :-)!


Before I virtualy went out for a date:


I travelled to the beach:


As a gardener…


I posed as a cook with my chouquettes:





As I am writing this post, on June 3rd, in less than one month I will be celebrating the fourth anniversary of my hematopoietic stem cells transplant (June 24th 2016). How lucky I have been to meet the fantastic people in the Hematology Department at the Saint Antoine Hospital in Paris, and in particular my kind graft doctor: she has always been around to help me during the difficult periods after the graft, including “the c GVH” times, but not only… It will be the first time this year, when I will not meet her for the June anniversary. Of course without my anonymous stem cell donor nothing was possible. I will never know who she is but I am always “hoping” that one day she will be able to read those lines… When I was “confined” in my room 426, I had regular visitors, my family and friends! They have been essential to my fast and successful recovery!

I love you all! Take care and enjoy life!



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