September has been an “hospital” month.

It started with a regular visit to my kind graft doctor at Saint Antoine Hospital. She gave the results of the blood analysis: all numbers are “perfect”! (Leucocytes: 4850/mm3; Hemoglobine: 14.3 g/ dl; platelets: 216G/l)

It was good to talk with her since I did not meet her since march. We talked about “the covid” and she pointed out that the lockdown was not new for me as I had a previous experience during my stem cells graft :-)! I am still in full cytological and molecular remission :-)! I will meet her again in 6 months…

Last week, I had an appointment in Dermatology at Tenon Hospital. It was a “surgery ” visit, as I had another carcinoma at the. bottom of the skull, which needed to be removed. Everything went well, but it took more time than expected. The problem was linked to closing the wound, which was kind of large. The doctor and the helping nurse had to pull hard on the suture to close the scar….

It was the second time I had a kind of “plastic surgery”, so I was looking forward for a removal of some winkles to look younger. I even dreamed of a real modification and improvement of my face. So I came with two photos, one of Robert Redford, one of Georges Clooney and asked my doctor to choose the one she liked the most…

I ended up with Robert Redford’s face…the old version 😦

Next time I will try to be more convincing…. because there will be a next time! My doctor discovered a new “carcinoma” on the left temple, and performed a biopsy… results in a few weeks (in fact she already knows the answer but want to be sure). Of course, I have to see nurses regurlary so that they can take care of the scar. According to them, the doctor did a great job and the wound is healing nicely…

It is not the end of my health related appointments: at the end of november I will have a cataract surgery for the right eye, then two weeks later for the left eye… I am scared…

But I am also “scarred” ah ah!

I would like to thank people at Saint Antoine and in particular my kind graft doctor, the doctor at Tenon, my family, my friends and my stem cells donor: I can enjoy life because of them! I love you all!


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