Last October, I had a new carcinoma treated by dynamic phototherapy. Yesterday, I had an appointment in dermatology at the Tenon hospital to check if the treatment had some effect on the carcinoma. Although this carcinoma was located on the left temple under hair so not visible, I could “feel” some roughness under my fingers…. So I was confident that the carcinoma was still there.

My doctor told me that I was right. So something should be done to remove it. She first considered removing it by surgery (I had already two removed by surgery), but as it is “a big one ” (the size of a two euros coin), she decided to try before, as a last chance, a new cream I never used before: fluorouracile-containing cream Efudix.

I have to put this cream once a day for a month…Then, I will meet again my doctor to evaluate the evolution. If there is no result, then it will be again surgery… As pointed out by my doctor, it will be “tricky” as it is located next to the one removed before. The “reserve” in skin is not so large so that there might be some difficulties to close the wound… It could be another “free lifting” :-)! Another experience ;-).

Meanwhile, before, I will meet my nice graft doctor to evaluate my situation regarding the steam cells graft…. almost the 5th anniversary!

Last week, on april 22, I visited the Tenon hospital and met with my dermatologist to evaluate the “action” of the new cream on the carcinoma… Well, according to her, it was not clear. It was still kind of “redish” but she did not know if it was coming from the irritating effect of the cream, or just that the carcinoma was still there. So, she decided to make a new biopsy… She will give me the result in a few days. If it is the same carcinoma, I will need a new surgery to remove it…

Last week, I got the answer: it is not a carcinoma! No cancerous cells! Just some “wounded cells from the previous surgery!

So for the first time in years, I am carcinoma free! It is a very good news! Next apointment for a regular check next october…

With love :-)!

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