Building up a vegetable garden

Spring is there! It is time to start to work on my vegetable garden.

Last year, at the end of the first lockdown, I decided to start a new part in our garden: a vegetable garden. It was more to stay busy than to save money by growing our own vegetables ;-)!

Building up on the “tremandous success” of the 2020 season, I decided to increase the surface devoted to the vegetable garden…

I planted several kinds of vegetables: eggplants, tomatoes, butternut, zucchinis, pumpkin, chilli pepper…

Maybe I planted all the vegetables too early, as it might freeze during the coming week…

If I can get enough vegetables, I am planning to distribute some to the people around me, including my fantastic graft doctor at the St Antoine Hospital who helped me a lot over the years following the stem cells graft and is still present whenever I ask her for help…

Love you all !

To be continued…

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