Following the partial lifting of the restriction linked to the last lockdown, I have been able to resume “my artistic work”…

I first finished the Father Joseph’s statue, which was waiting for me for a long time. I painted it: I am very happy with the result!

With the little time left before “the summer vacations”, I decided to make a owl, as I never tried to make animals before. Here is the result (It is not yet “cooked”).

I had also the chance to finish a stained glass project I called it “the lady with a blue hat”. It took me some time to finish it because of the lockdown, but also because of my lack of experience with the lead stained glass work!

As I am pretty fond of “Tiffany stained glass objects”, I made a blue elephant and a ladybug…

My last project is a dove:

My artistic activities will resume in the fall…

But now, I will go to Toronto soon to meet The Caribous :-)!

With love!

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