Greetings from Bures-France!

Last monday, we came back from Canada. We spent two weeks there to visit our daughter and her family.

We first joined them for a short vacation near Montréal, in ” les Laurentides” ( We spent those days in a large chalet buried in deep snow (over 1.5 m), near Lake Quenouille (

We headed to Toronto for another week, making the trip by plane between Mont Tremblant International Airport (?) and Toronto…

In Toronto, the weather was nicer, but still with -20°C temperatures at night, and little snow too!

For our last day in Toronto we went to a place called “Brick Works” (, the former place where all the bricks used to build houses were manufactured. It is now a beautiful park.

After this time of real winter, it was time to rediscover the Spring at home:

This morning I went to have a blood analysis. The previous one was 6 months ago, and during my visit to my great graft doctor in Saint Antoine last September, she asked me to check my blood status every 6 months… fingers crossed! Even after all those years, and although all seems to be “normal”, each time I do blood analysis, I am a little stressed…

After I got the results from the lab, I sent them to my kind graft doctor: she told me that my results are very good… Once more I was worrying for nothing… I will never thank her enough for what she did and is doing for me…

With love to all…

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