Recently, I started slowly to remove myself from the lab. I am still an “emeritus researcher”, but I don’t go so often to the lab, maybe once a week in average. To help me in this detox process, I am focusing on artistic work: modeling, stained glass, fusing…

Using the fusing glass approach, I made several night lights:

I am so happy with the results that I am thinking of making mass production and selling of night lights :-)!

I had also the oportunity to continue working on stained glass, both lead and Tiffany. Some of my productions are now in remote places over the World, Toronto and Boulder. 🙂

My last hobby is modeling. One of my last project was to make a Saint Antoine statue by myself: I am happy with the results :-)!

Thank’s to Arielle, Tatiana and Edouard, my teachers!

Beside, those fantastic teachers, there are also other “students”: I really enjoy being part of these new communities!

I would like to thank the great team of doctors and nurses from the Saint Antoine Hospital Hematology, and in particular my wonderful graft doctor: I dedicate my “artistic work” to them (I don’t forget my family, friend s and my stem cells donor!).

With love!

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