It is already the end of the year. For almost two years now, we have been living with covid 19, and we don’t see the end of the pandemic yet…

With a part of our family not being able to join us for Christmas again this year, it will not be “a real Christmas” for me.

Anyway, to keep the traditions alive, we made a small Christmas tree, decorated in part with two pieces of my own production: a Santa Claus and a star made of stained glass, Tiffany style!

At this time of the year, it is also the tradition for me to prepare cookies and cakes. I tried new cookies such as this one, made for chocolate lovers (50% chocolate!), plus “cinnamon stars” and “brioche” ..

It is also time to sing old songs, like the one our father used to sing us when we were childs…

Merry Christmas to people at Saint Antoine Hospital Hematology dept with a special thought to my fantastic graft doctor, to my family and friends from all over the World!

With love!

From the time when I was young…

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