Sixth anniversary!

6 years ago, on June 16th 2016, I entered The Hematology Department at Saint Antoine Hospital. It was the first day of a long journey, with the goal of being cured of the myelodysplasia I had since 2011 (at least). Here are some photos of “me”, taken at different times, from the fall of 2015 (before the stem cells transplant) to June 2022…

If I am here today it is because I had the chance to meet a fantastic team of doctors, nurses and caregivers at Saint Antoine. A special thanks to my wonderful graft doctor and to Marie, the nurse who performed on me her first stem cells transplant! Of course I cannot forget my stem cells donor, who gave me the chance to have a second birth! If I am still around, it is also because I have a great family and many friends who believed in me and supported me during this special experience… I really really love you all. How can I forget what you did for me!

Fall of 2015, Boulder-Colorado

June 2016: getting the hematopoietic stem cells transplant:

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