Last Friday, we went to visit a small castel called Château de Sourches. It is located near a city called Le Mans, which is famous for its 24 hours car race.


In this castel, there is the largest collection of peonies in France. The garden has been built inside the moat of the castel. Although all the peonies were not all in blossom because of the bad weather we have during this spring, it was really a beautiful place with hundreds of different flowers and colors. Here are a few peonies, the ones we liked the most….Enjoy!





Next week, it will be another story! Back to Saint Antoine on monday  for a check up. Then on tuesday a new round of Vidaza will start, but this time I will be prepared: I have my friend, the “Zophren pill” and “Movicol” too: everything is chemistry!


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