Monday May 23rd: it was “the day” for the check up before the transplant. We had to be at the day hospital by 8:30. We went by car under a big rain! Traffic jam all the way! I almost arrived late…

First exam: blood test. Easy! The nurse, who I know now was a vampire disguised as a nurse, withdrew tens of tubes of my precious blood (in fact it is more a kind of a salted water with a few cells swimming inside!). I was OK, until 5 mn later when I fainted… Second time during a visit in Saint Antoine: all the nurses in hematology know me as “the guy who is fainting” when he has to have a drip installed :-)! It took me some time before a full recovering…. Conclusion: I was late for all the other exams scheduled this day!

Next exam was a X ray of lungs and sinus: no problem! After was a test about lung capacity: I did above average! Yes! We had to run all around the hospital because all the exams were done in specialized department…. We know pretty well the geography of hospital now…

I had next to meet with an otorhinolaryngologist: I was late, the guy was famished, so he did the exam in 5 mn! Good for me!

Time to have a brack for lunch! We went back to the day hospital for some time, then I had a scanner of the main body plus the sinus (in fact the purpose of most of the exams is to detect ” hiden infections”). The last thing was an echography of the heart, which is working just fine: good news ;-)!

It was too late to meet with the nurse specialized in transplant as well as with the psychologist. It was time to go home. We had spent the all day in the hospital!

Before leaving, I got the news: I could not have the second run of Vidaza which was scheduled to start today, because I had too few white blood cells. It is postponed and will start next monday May 30th. The same day, I will have the myelogramme done too…

Conclusion: I am in good shape for an old guy! Too bad I have this MDS :-)!




2 thoughts on “How healthy am I? The big check up!

  1. I like your sens of humor and your writing style.
    Next time do a blind test, try to find each room eyes closed 🙂
    Hope you’r be well.


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