Last friday, we went to visit the “Institut du Monde Arabe” in Paris.There is a special exhibit called “Gardens of Orient”: beautiful! From the top of the building, we had a view on Notre Dame and the Seine river (photo above) ( The weather was pretty bad, rainy and cold. We ended up eating cakes in the small coffee shop of the Institute ;-)!

On the week-end, we had all (or almost all) our children visiting us! Yes! Jacqueline cooked her famous “pâtés” (vegetables, monkfish), a lemon chicken and her World famous apple pie!

On monday, I had my last blood analysis…I was not sure I might have to go back to the day hospital to have a platelets transfusion, but the results were good: no need for a transfusion!

Yesterday it was “gardening time”. The weather was good, sunny and warm. We have new rhododendrons (a red one and a purple one) as well as peonies blooming…photos!

If the weather stays OK, we will go for a few days “in vacation”: my last trip before entering the “space station” en route to the moon (or mars depending on the time I will stay in the hospital)…




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