Tic tac, tic tac.. the clock is carrying me closer and closer to june 15…

First, I will have a chemotherapy. A well known “side effect” is the loss of the hairs. To prepare for this “traumatic event”, I decided to have a preventive haircut :-)! How do you like it?

Last time I had such short hair was in 1977 during my army service!


8 thoughts on “How do you like my new haircut?

    1. Thank you ;-)!
      And by the way, no more leak! Teflon tape is the key! If you need some plumbing work just ask me…I am overbooked so you will have to wait up to 6 months ;-)! Grobyzoux


  1. Bon courage! Thanks for sharing this. I knew that you had a health problem but I didn’t know the details. I’m sorry to hear that your condition worsened, but glad that you have such a positive attitude. That’s half the journey to recovery! And, yes, your haircut looks great. 😉


  2. Oh yes really nice radiator in your bathroom !
    Sorry for my very bad English, but we wanted to thank you for a very pleasant time (rainy) but loads of fun at the restaurant in Noyers Sur Serein … one of your last good times
    We love you


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