This morning, I had a regular visit with the doctor. On his way to leave the room, he told me: well you have antibiotics for a few more days, what about going home next wednesday July the 13th?

What a news! What a schock! As we say in french: “je suis sur le cul” (I am on my ass)!

From the begining, with Jaja, we were thinking that I might need to stay in the hospital for around 6 to 8 weeks….

Anyway, I am very very happy and I wanted to share with you this great news!!!!!!!!



10 thoughts on “Leaving the hospital next wednesday July 13th!

    1. Dear Jacquie and Ethan:
      Things are going faster than expected! I will be home tomorrow. After, I will need to be patient…It might take up to a year before a kind a full recovery. It is worst it anyway! Take care!


  1. Almost out, so what the plan for your last full day at the hospital: take a long shower? Test all the position of the beds? Take your bloodpressure on your own? Take some selfies in every room, ok there are only 2rooms…
    I’m really happy that you are getting out tomorrow!! As jaja would say phase 1, waiting for a donor is done. Phase 2, graft done the speedy gonzales way. Phase 3 resting at home to confirm a full recovery is starting!


    1. Yes ! I came back home yesterday afternoon! So happy! Of course it is not the end! I will need to be cautious with food and cleaning ness of the house. There are some steps where checkings will be done, like one month, two months , three months after the D-Day of the graft. I might need up to a year before a full recovery, but if things want smooly I will be cured!
      Happy Bastille Day!


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