In order to leave the hospital, I need now to exchange the  system used at the hospital (chemicals given by injection in the blood) by a solid state approach: it is the key to be able to leave the hospital. Tonight was the first step: I had cyclosporine in pills! This stuff needs to be taken every 12 hours sharp…It should be OK if no side effects!

A few days ago, I had to be shaved, as my hairs started to leave my head: how do you like mu new haircut? It might last a few month before I got new hairs…. It is not so important!

Tonight, we have Portugal-Wales in football: it could be sweet to have “the brexiters” kicked out ;-)!


3 thoughts on “The phoenix !

  1. I like the new haircut! For whatever reason I think it makes you look younger…
    I wish you a good night sleep to carry on with your phoenix recovery!!


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