Sorry for being silent for so long!

Over the last few weeks, I have had a lot of digestive problems. At some point, I had to stay for a week or so in the hospital again. Now, the situation is improving gradually, but there is a need to be patient…

Recently, I had a myelogram done: the graft is working perfectly well, so that I have an almost “regular” blood analysis!

I am now at D + 70 after the graft: it was time to look for “chimerism”, using some sophisticated analysis on the bone marrow: looking for “my DNA” versus “the DNA of my donnor”. Only less than 0.01% of my DNA has been found: I am now a true chimera with my old DNA being in charge of everything but all of what is connected with “blood” (including the immune system), which is directed by the guest’s DNA! Funny is-not-it to be both man and woman: X-Y/X?

At D + 90, I will have several exams to compare with the sames I did before the graft….

Talk to you later!


5 thoughts on “Chimerism: two DNAs in one body

    1. Yes it is very strange! I did not think of it before being myself such a strange animal!
      I will be living the rest of my life with this dual personality!
      How is your chemistry going? Are you teaching new classes this semester?
      Take care!
      I miss you!


    1. Thank you!
      How was your summer? Did you survive the high temperatures in the office?
      here things are getting better, but I don’t think that I will be able to come to the lab before the fiesta in November!
      Good luck for your experiments!


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